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Evangelism Surveys

Surveys are the most frequently utilized strategy for getting face-to-face with a non-believer. They can be used to follow-up team meeting talks, provide more information about the values and interests of your audience and, of course, provide a natural opportunity to transition into the gospel. They also allow control over the flow of contacts. As we need more student contacts we take more surveys. Some surveys build the gospel presentation right into them. Surveys are most effectively used by individuals who see them as a way to build meaningful rapport, have an intelligent conversation with a stranger, and an opportunity to effectively communicate their faith. We have missed the boat when we regress to being merely survey takers. There is no need to stick with the same survey week after week. It is very possible to design your survey to help you obtain information you want regarding your target audience. Each month of the year you could focus on a different survey topic (home life, aspirations, dating, stress, etc.) and have an evangelistic talk at the end of the month related to that topic. There are an endless number of topics and current events on which to base your surveys. Below are a handful of surveys, tried on various campuses, to help stimulate your thinking. Remember to ask your staff person about how to transition from a survey to the gospel with a tool like the “Knowing God Personally” booklet or app.

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