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Mission Statement

Empowered and led by the Holy Spirit, let us advance God’s kingdom by making Jesus Christ known on every campus, influencing the state and ultimately the world.. 

About “Jersey Metro” and Cru

Jersey Metro is the interdenominational college ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, which is now known as Cru in the United States.

Aided and resourced by our staff team, students all over Jersey are gathering on their campuses to evangelize, study the Word, fellowship, disciple and pray — all with the goal of reaching their schools with the message of Christ.

Cru has been at work on US campuses for more than 50 years. Check the Cru website for our statement of faith, information about our history, and details about all of Cru’s ministries.


Our Schools


Listed below are the schools in NJ where Cru has a presence. Wondering who/what/when/where for your campus? Just email us and we’ll get you connected

Atlantic Cape Community College

Brookdale Community College

Rowan College at Burlington County

Camden County College

Centenary College

County College of Morris

DeVry University

Fairleigh Dickinson University | Madison

Georgian Court University

Rowan College at Gloucester County

Hudson County Community College

Kean University

Middlesex County College

Monmouth University

Montclair State University

New Jersey City University

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Ocean County College

Passaic County Community College

Ramapo College

Raritan Valley Community College

Rowan University

Rutgers University | New Brunswick

[Rutgers] Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF)

Rutgers University | Camden

Rutgers University | Newark

Stevens Institute of Technology

Stockton University

Sussex County Community College

Warren County Community College

William Paterson University


Our Staff


Joel Aponte


Joel Graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems as well as an Associates Degree in Computer Science in 2009. He serves at campuses in the Urban region of Jersey. Discipleship is what fuels his passion, desiring to see young men live godly lives and fall in love with the Savior. Committed to New Jersey where he has spent most of his life, he wants all of his energy to be spent seeing students firmly built in the faith and transformed to live radical lives in pursuit of God’s kingdom. Joel is also a music lover and comic book nerd who loves hearing how God works in people’s lives.


Nathan Liu


Nathan is a graduate of Rutgers University where he attended Cru ‘s Chinese Christian Fellowship. After a short career in the IT field, he answered God’s calling to full-time ministry and attended Cairn University’s school of divinity while also interning at a local church. After graduating from seminary and completing his internship, he made a decision to change the direction of his ministry and join staff with Cru and the Jersey Metro team in 2016. He has a heart for college students and for New Jersey, so Cru is a perfect place for him to join like-minded servants to reach students for Christ.


Lydia Paluk


Lydia was first introduced to Cru through the Jersey Metro fellowship dinner in the spring of 2011. When the team described how they reach the state for Jesus, she felt the Lord’s call on her life to join the staff, which she did summer of 2012. Ever since, she has been part of the Jersey Metro team as Part Time Field Staff. The other half of her time she gives private music lessons which she also considers her ministry. She married Kevin Paluk in 2015, who supports her in every way. Kevin is also a musician and he works in technology. Lydia is honored to be part of the Jersey Metro team, which feels like a family, and blessed to be part of the mission to reach New Jersey for Christ!


Mark & Jocelyn Scott

Mark.Scott@cru.org | Jocelyn.Scott@cru.org

Mark and Jocelyn graduated from Rutgers University; Mark with a Journalism and Mass Media degree, and Jocelyn with an English degree. They have served on Cru staff since 1999, and are currently working on campuses in North Jersey, with Mark’s main role as the male state director of the Jersey Metro ministry. They have three wonderful kids: Joy, Will and Jack.


Alex Simpson


Alex Simpson graduated from Stockton University with Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education. After a year of hearing God whisper to her, she finally answered His call to begin full-time ministry after going to Winter Conference in December 2014. She will now be on a mission for Jesus in Jersey. Alex loves building others up in prayer and knowledge of the Holy Spirit. She also loves teaching people what she has learned and making goodies for her students. When she can, she loves to pluck out some awesome new tunes on her ukulele and guitar!


Joey & Jenn Sforza

Joey.Sforza@cru.org | Jenn.Sforza@cru.org

Although they were raised less than one mile apart, Joey and Jenn’s paths did not collide until sophomore year in high school, where they met one another through mutual friends and the humble “Bible Club.” After engaging years of unhurried pursuit, Joey finally and decisively asked Jenn to be his lifetime bride. Without reservation, she surrendered to his irresistible charm and Biblical manhood. He, of course, was overjoyed and anticipatory for May 29, 2010, when they entered into matrimonial rest. Throughout their relationship, the Lord dropped several hints (both subtle and deafening) confirming their joint, full-time call to college missions with Cru. Passionate about evangelism and discipleship, they’ve been serving on several campuses with Jersey Metro since 2010! They have two beautiful, active sons, Gianluca and Gabriel! Joey & Jenn’s ministry blog: www.SforzaGrams.com

17311163_1857957927815182_538505931073559216_o (1).jpg

Jonathan Castellano


Jonathan graduated from Rutgers School of Engineering. He joined staff with Cru in 2018, eager to serve in the ministry that God used in his own college experience. He loves working with students, especially training them in discipleship and evangelism.


Tommy & Karen Waters

Tommy.Waters@cru.org | Karen.Waters@cru.org

Tommy graduated from James Madison University in 2004 with a degree in Media Arts and Design and a concentration in Digital Video. He joined Cru staff in 2004. Karen (born and raised in NJ) graduated from Rutgers University in 2006 with a degree in Psychology. After graduating, she joined staff in 2007. Currently they work at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Monmouth University and Raritan Valley Community College and in the past have worked at several more of our NJ campuses. Tommy is in charge of Operations and Karen is in the role of Leadership Development for the Jersey Metro Team. Tommy has given leadership and direction our monthly state-wide meeting Jersey Cru and both Karen and Tommy say it’s one of their favorite parts of ministry! They also are really passionate about sending students to summer projects and have enjoyed spending their summers in New Hampshire directing the Hampton Beach Summer Project!