Making it a Kingdom-Focused Summer

Now that the school year and weekly on-campus Cru meetings are over…sad face…We want to encourage you to stay connected with God and His Kingdom vision throughout the summer.

Set your hearts and minds on things above…(Colossians 3:1-2)

Did you realize…summertime makes up a quarter of your year? And by extension a quarter of your life?!? If you’re 20, that means that summer has made up 5 YEARS of your life so far! That’s a pretty big portion, and we want to encourage you to keep a Kingdom-Focused mindset during these next three months. These months will be what you make them. Create your plans, commit them to the Lord, and watch as God amazes you with His glory.

Connecting with God through…

The Bible | Community | Prayer | Evangelism

God’s Word

* Take advantage of Cru’s Train & Grow materials - tons of studies and resources to choose from!* YouVersion app has the Bible and tons of cool FREE devotionals to choose from. You can also connect with friends through the app.

Community - Fellowship with others

* Stay or get connected with a local church. Contact your staff member for help finding a solid church near your home.* Cru Summer Connect! Find a hub near you and enjoy!


  - Keep a “Faithful to Five” list of five people whom you want to faithfully pray for. - Use the Names of God to give adoration to God in your prayers. - Memorize a verse and use it as you pray for yourself and others.

Worship Music ~ Worship God with a song

* Check out Great Christian music videos and radio! You can also download the app.* Spotify - Follow your brothers and sisters in Christ on Spotify and share songs with each other.

Creative Worship ~ Worship God through art or other creative ways

* Be creative ~ Worship God through artwork, writing a poem, or some other creative way. Allow God’s character and His Word to inspire you.


* God reveals Himself through creation. Summer is an awesome time to go for a prayer walk outside or get refreshed as you take in the beauty of God’s creation. 

Sharing your Faith ~ Worship God with more than a song

* Summer Connect Faith Step Fridays & Training Tuesdays* Set some personal “stepping out of your comfort zone” goals, such as… - Share the gospel with at least three non-believers.

Plan for the Fall!

- Fall Planning Summit - Friday, September 6, 2019 at Rutgers- First Jersey Cru of the Fall Semester - September 27, 2019 at Rutgers- Fall Retreat - Friday October 4 - Sunday October 6 at Camp TecumsehWe pray you have an amazing summer overflowing with God’s blessings, awesome times of worship, and many chances to bring glory to His Name!

In His Love,Your Jersey Metro Staff Team Now…doesn’t that sound like an awesome, glorious, Kingdom-focused worthwhile summer? ;)