In this talk, pastor Ruben Rodriguez teaches about how to overcome rejection by shifting our focus to God's acceptance. Ruben is an IT consultant, who also enjoys graphic design. He lives with his family and recently planted City of Joy Church in Union City, NJ.


Ephesians 1:3-6


1- According to the passage, when did God choose us?2- What did God determine beforehand for those who believe in Christ? (1:5)3- What character quality do you see in Christ in verse 1:5-6?4- What new insight do you get about your identity?5- How does your perspective toward God’s acceptance need to change?6- What specific actions are you willing to take in order to shift your focus to God’s acceptance of you? Go ahead and share it with the group.7- What is something you believe God wants you to do that the fear of rejection has kept you from doing in the past?