Speaker & Talk Intro

In this talk, Cru alumnus Daniel Gurry teaches about how to share one's faith in the workplace. Daniel is a public school teacher who attends Urban Mission Church in Jersey City, NJ. After school, you can find him investing into youth with a non-profit called Hope+Future.


John 21: 3-14

Discussion Questions

1 - Why did Peter decide to go fishing?2- What was the end result of the disciples' attempt to work for fish?3- Why couldn't the disciples recognize Jesus on the beach?4- How did Jesus' instruction of  'casting the net on the right side' position the disciples for success & what does this signify in relation to workplace evangelism?5- Why are human beings often prone to wanting to do the things they've always done in the past?6- Why is it important to live Jesus' in deed & in word at the workplace in the 21st Century?7- What are some practical steps a follower of Christ can take to represent Jesus at their workplace after getting a college degree?