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Missions where you are

Katie Ridd Katie Ridd is a friend of our Cru ministry at UNC Wilmington. She’s a dynamic speaker and wonderful person.
Passage | Matthew 10:7-8

Matthew 10:7-8 ESV [1] And proclaim as you go, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ [8] Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay.


Discussion Questions
  1. As you consider the months ahead of you, are you excited, bored, anxious, or something else? Have you considered what God wants to do through you this during this time? What do you think that might be?

  2. Consider that there is no hierarchy in the kingdom of God and that through his Spirit God equips all of us to be a part of his work. How does that give you hope as you consider how he might use you in other people’s lives this summer?

  3. Katie mentioned being able to hear God’s voice and see him in ordinary things. What are some ordinary things in which God might be at work that you might miss? Why do we miss these things? How can we be more aware of them?

  4. Read Matthew 10:7-8. Consider the things we are called to do as we go: (1) Proclaim the message that the kingdom has come near, (2) Heal the sick, (3) Raise the dead, (4) Cleanse those who are unclean, (5) Drive out demons. Do these motivate or scare you? Why is that? Where do we draw courage and hope to do these things? (Note that it is Jesus who accomplishes these things through us. We proclaim. He heals, gives life, cleanses, and frees.)

  5. We are all drawn to the visible and known, but God often chooses to work in the personal and simple. What are some ways God might have a chance to use you in the personal and simple this summer? How does it help to know that the results are in God’s hands? That he equips the called, not calls the equipped? How would it change you if you knew you could not fail in how you proclaim the kingdom to others?

  6. Katie mentioned how the Christian life is ofen not up and out, but down and in. Sometimes he calls us to patiently wait for him instead of pushing against things that are holding us back. Why is this countercultural? How does it free you from expectations from yourself or others?

  7. Pray together that God would guide you and use you during the next few months. Pray that you would take steps of faith and be willing to set aside your schedule to bring God’s love to others.


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