What would it take to see your campus transformed by the gospel message of Christ? This is such a huge vision that often we feel it’s impossible, but God is alive and Christ is still saving. He can transform students!Thankfully, he gave us the blueprint for fruitful ministry in Acts 2:42-47. Here we see four crucial elements: Prayer, Bible, Community and Evangelism. This is how we do college ministry.As a summary of the best practices and suggestions we share with you at our Fall and Spring planning summits, below is a bullet-pointed list for each one. Also, here is a helpful PDF for the elements as well.




  • Field trips to Jersey Cru! Bring the whole movement. Eat dinner before or after. Make it fun!

  • Campus crossovers! Pick a campus and join them at their weekly meeting.

  • Eat together on campus!



  • Leaders are models. We have various roles and responsibilities, but the most important part of a leader are the relationships he/she holds.

    • A leader’s most important relationship is with God.

    • A good leader needs to know how to relate to others.

    • A leader’s relationship with him/herself is also very important.

    • Attached is the Leadership Model.


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