10 Ideas for "First 10 Days" On Campus

10 Ideas for "First 10 Days" On Campus

10daysIn college ministry, not all weeks are equal. During the first 2 weeks on campus, students – especially incoming freshmen – make serious choices. What friends, majors, clubs and worldviews they pursue are all decisions likely made within these first ten days.Our staff team is praying hard for these weeks. Our desire is to make Jesus known more loudly and boldly to reach freshmen and students in general in this key timeframe.Connecting with students is so crucial that we want you to implement a rapid-fire approach. Do as much as you're able to connect relationally with as many students as possible.Here are 10 ideas for your campus movements. List any others you have in the comments section below!

1 - Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Use personal and ministry social media accounts like crazy! Hashtag your school. Invite friends to first events, and make Cru meetings known.Cru has a free media campaign you can post as you wish!

2 - Clubs & Activities Fairs

Most students make their final decisions about which groups they'll join within these 10 days. Being present and bold at your activities fairs is crucial. You may even meet your next crop of student leaders.Tabling: prayer tables, food tables ,flyer tables

3 - Ice Cream Social

Everyone loves ice cream! Have lots of flavors, even sorbet. Make it real low-key, just a meet-and-greet, where you can announce what Cru is about up front and invite students to weekly meetings.

4 - First Weekly Meetings

Use first few weekly meetings to present the Gospel! As a tool in presenting Christ, use the #fallingplates video or the KGP. Give everyone a copy and read together. Promote first weekly meetings well.

5 - Scavenger Hunt

Freshmen need to get to know their school. What better way than a scavenger hunt!

6 - Get Out There

Make the Gospel of Christ go viral on your campus! Use QuEST surveys, Soularium, Perspective Cards and the KGP. Go on a Prayer Walk or have an acoustic worship set!

7 - Flyers

The simple act of posting flyers is effective. If that one flyer you post in your dorm leads someone to a Cru meeting and then to Christ, isn't it worth posting hundreds of flyers?Also consider: list all of your 10-days events on one sheet of paper. Pass this out as a flyer!

8 - R.A.O.S.

Random Acts of Service! Walmart runs...taking out trash...moving in...church car pool... Students will need simple help that you can offer.

9 - Follow Up Night

Choose a night to get together with your leadership and literally call, text or email people directly to invite them out to the first meeting or other events. Remember, the surveys will indicate whether they want to be contacted, so just go with that.

10 - Trust Jesus

It can be easy to get overwhelmed doing so many ministry activities during these first two weeks that our attitudes miss the mark. Just remember to keep it simple. Soak it in prayer. And trust Jesus for big things in these first 10 days!

J.Cru Upper Room Prayer

J.Cru Upper Room Prayer