Five Obstacles Keeping You from RADIATE2014

Five Obstacles Keeping You from RADIATE2014 is our annual Christ-based, four-day conference that runs from December 28th to January 1st. It’s during winter recess, one of those rare times where college students take a break!For the average student, there are many obstacles to attending RADIATE. Let me help you overcome those.

1 - But what about my mommy?

11320RADIATE is only 4 days away from your loved ones where you can develop friendships with 1000 brothers and sisters in Christ. You can bring your friends from home & spend intentional time with your family over the other 2 weeks you're not in DC. *Special Note* - You only have 4-5 years to celebrate New Years with college friends but the rest of your life to do so with your family.

2 - But what about my money?

2856Another reality is that you are a college student, potentially with a part-time job and probably broke. I've been there. I get it.However, an investment in your spiritual life, which will last for all eternity, is totally worth it.RADIATE costs $249 (if you register before Dec. 5th) for four nights in a Marriott hotel which is usually $250 per night! This price includes well-known musicians leading worship, well-versed speakers who will train and equip you, as well as sessions where you will hear from keynote authors, professors, and organizational leaders within Cru.Needless to say, this is a GREAT price! If that's not enough, you can use a support letter* to ask churches, friends & family to invest in your spiritual growth or a business letter* to ask your university for funds.*Ask a staff person about these letters.

3 - But what about transportation?

subwaySo maybe leaving your family is no big deal, but the actual process of leaving is! No car? No problem!You can get to RADIATE. One of the benefits of being part of our statewide family, Jersey Metro, is that there are plenty of new friends who are nearby and would love for the company and gas assistance on a road trip. Use our Facebook group to try to arrange rides and come to Jersey Cru to meet those drivers!Another option is public transportation. RADIATE is in Washington, DC. It's definitely accessible by train and bus. Just buy your ticket and meet us there!

4 - But what about my tummy?

7216A few of you may be wondering what you'll be eating with your mom in an entirely different state than your tummy.RADIATE may not include food but we'll be close to a variety of restaurants & cheap eats like 7 Eleven and Dunkin Donuts. There's also a Starbucks three blocks away across from the Washington Zoo (also free). :)If that's still asking more than you can financially invest, bring some food with you! Many students survive the 4 days with PB&J, juice boxes, free hotel coffee, and ramen or microwavable mac & cheese. Totally possible to have a great time & get your grub on.

5 - But what about having fun?

1545698_783131041725021_4245825269581002881_nLet’s be real. Some of you won’t go because you don’t exactly think it will be a great time. You’re not sure you actually care enough to register, pay money and travel all the way to DC.Let me challenge you there.Do you honestly believe God is leading you to stay home from RADIATE? If so, GREAT! Share your faith, invest in eternal business at home.If you honestly don’t think you’d do that, come with us to a conference that will motivate you to live with purpose! You won’t regret it!REGISTER NOW.



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